Tadalafil 3D TadacipTadalafil is a phosphodiesterase type 5 (PDE5) inhibitor drug that is used to treat various medical conditions. To this day, various scientific teams from all over the world have discovered three separate cases in which Tadalafil is administered as a medicine. These are erectile dysfunction, pulmonary hypertension and benign prostatic hyperplasia

Just like every other drug, the dosage is, probably, the most important part of the instructions given to the patient since it not only adjusts the effectiveness of the treatment but also makes sure that no unpleasant effects will appear because of a lower or higher dosage than the one needed.

The dose varies from one condition to another. The best way to analyze them is to take each one separately and list the various schedules.

Dosage for erectile dysfunction

“Use as needed” plan: The initial dose for this plan is 10mg that will be taken orally before the sexual intercourse. After that, the maintenance dose can be anywhere from 5 to 20mg, depending on the person’s tolerance. 

“Once a day” plan: This plan does not depend on the time that the sexual intercourse will take place. The patient takes a standard quantity of about 2.5mg daily at a standard time, while the maintenance dose ranges from the standard 2.5mg up to twice that number. Once again, the dose is chosen based on the patient’s tolerance level.

tadacip dosageDosage for Pulmonary Hypertension

The dose is 40mg and it must be taken orally once every 24 hours.

Dosage for benign prostatic hyperplasia

Just like pulmonary hypertension, one dose of 5mg is required to be taken orally ever 24 hours.

These were the standard methods for taking Tadalafil. Each one of them has its own unique characteristics that must be followed to the letter in order to achieve the best possible result and disable the effects of one or more of the aforementioned diseases as quickly and as effectively as possible.